The Coaching Clinic is run by Sarah and Gordon Urquhart. Sarah is one of only 11 Fellows of The Coaching Academy. Sarah's coaching skills are regularly monitored by peers and independent assessors.

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Comments from Coaching Clients:-

"I have worked with Sarah Urquhart on training and development on a personal basis. I found her coaching to be of great benefit, in fact some of the development issues we worked on specifically helped me in finding my current job. I have found Sarah to be professional and positive. She has excellent coaching skills and is able to understand without either being too detached or personally involved. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services."

Jo Greenspan

European Forecasting Manager

Unilever Cosmetics

"One of Sarah's key skills is her ability to strike an excellent balance between professionalism and personal rapport. Coaching with Sarah has been very helpful to me; she does not counsel, instead her questions have encouraged me to think for myself and in time one can begin to anticipate the questions she would ask, and this has enabled me to tackle certain situations myself. Sarah's experience of marketing and management has been very useful in our professional discussions and she also helps me to think about what is really important in balancing the professional and private elements of my life. Sometimes she makes it seem like common sense but the methods she uses are grounded in solid knowledge of techniques such as neuro-linguistic programming."

Jane Sandars

Group Corporate Affairs Director

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Comments from Training Clients:-

"Sarah Urquhart is a first class communicator with just the right level of interaction."

"Sarah has a natural and genuine style making a day's training feel like an hour."

"2 good enjoyable days."

"Excellent, the trainer interacted well with the group, relating to our specific needs."

"A big thank you to Gordon who coached me. I keep re-visiting the experience which was amazing."

"Thank you for a great course. Talk about a life changer. I understand so much more now. You really have opened my eyes to the power that we have if we know how to use it."

"Thank you for providing such a great course. Lots of info and practice delivered elegantly."

"Your practical knowledge and experience comes shining through and I get a real charge from your energy. I came away feeling that anything is possible."

"Energetic, inspiring, engaging, makes learning easy fast and fun."

"Sarah is just great at taking you forward that extra step."

"Sarah is easy going, friendly, yet tough when necessary and very knowledgeable."

"I had a truly amazing experience during this workshop that will really help me with my own personal development. Thank you."

"Sarah is extremely personable, accessible, knowledgeable, energetic - a delightful teacher."

"Sarah made a very complex subject easier to understand."

"I enjoyed myself a lot, I learned and laughed. What a great day."

"Very lively and able to put things across in an amusing and memorable way."

"Sarah has a way of making things understandable without complicating it."

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Sarah & Gordon Urquhart

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