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At the Coaching Clinic we provide coaching and training services in the following areas:-

Coaching Services:- Individual Coaching | Team Coaching

Training Services:- In-House Training | Open Training Courses

Individual Coaching

An Independent Coach can reflect ideas, evoke solutions and support their implementation in a way that few organisational insiders could ever do.

Individual or One-to-One Coaching is ideal to work with a person who wants to develop themselves on issues that are unique to themselves.

Individual coaching is the best choice in the following scenarios:-

• Support for a new member of staff or a recently promoted employee.   Research suggests that 1 in 8 workers resign before getting to grips with a new role and the average worker needs a minimum of 5 months to become competent in a new job. Competency in a role is usually directly related to the levels of confidence felt. Coaching increases individual confidence and therefore reduces the time needed for competency to occur.

• To provide extra recognition to high achievers and your organisation's future leaders.

• To help an individual meet Key Performance Indicators.

• To assist an individual to increase their confidence in their role, for example improving their presentation skills.

• Support for an individual who has non-work related issues that are affecting his/her performance.

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Team Coaching

Using an Independent Coach, who brings no investment or position of their own, to a team situation can be the catalyst to producing successful change within the dynamics of working relationships.

Team Coaching can help in the following ways:-

• To support change within the organisation.

• To improve communication.

• To multiply performance improvement.

• To bring a new team of workers together quickly.

Team coaching may take place in team meetings or individually.

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In-House Training

"Outstanding course. I learnt so much and found the personal feedback invaluable. An easy and comfortable style to listen to and enjoy."

From Manager to Coach

A Manager: Directs, Controls and Trains his/her staff and projects.

A Coach: Helps individuals to learn to unlock their potential to maximise their own performance.

The new paradigm of managing is not telling, directing or motivating, but pulling, guiding and enabling the answers from an individual.

The Transformation from Manager to Coach is through learning the performance-related, psychological principles of Coaching which will shine a light into the dark corners of people's abilities and uncover forgotten skills, motivations and talents.

This training programme is for managers and supervisors who want to free themselves from the time-consuming aspect of day-to-day management of process and performance to help their teams to access their own inner resources to increase their confidence and achieve their tasks.

In addition, all the Open Training Courses offered by The Coaching Clinic can be personalised and run privately for your organisation.

For details of our Open Training Courses listed below - click here

• Love Your Job

• Elegant Communication Skills

• Eliminating Bullying from the Workplace

• Writing to Persuade

• Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

To discuss running an in-house training programme for your staff, please contact us.

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Open Training Courses

"This is one of the best courses I have been on."

Love Your Job

Learn the secrets of people who truly love their jobs and apply them to your own situation and immediately feel happier, more motivated and eager to return to work.

Elegant Communication Skills

100% of our success is down to our successful communication to ourselves and to others.   This workshop will open your eyes to how what you say affects how you feel and how others react to you.

Eliminating Bullying from the Workplace

This is a practical workshop for people who have been on the receiving end of bullying and who wish to learn new skills to strengthen their confidence at work.

Writing to Persuade

Attended by people in sales, marketing or management roles, if you need to persuade people in writing then this course will give you tons of useful strategies to apply to make your job easier.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

This subject has been described in many ways; not least as a User's Manual for the Brain. NLP training includes skills to improve your goal setting, confidence, communication and personal and professional performance.

For further details of any of these courses, please complete our contact form.

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