The Benefits of Coaching

A recent survey of UK companies found that the main business drivers for organisations introducing coaching were:-

• Improving company performance

• Improving individual performance

• Improving staff retention/commitment

• Motivating Employees

• Supporting personal development

• Career planning

The results of implementing coaching reported were improvements in:-

• Productivity

• Customer Service

• Staff retention

• Cost reduction

• Profitability

Employees receiving coaching reported improvements in:-

• Their relationships with colleagues

• Their relationships with clients

• Conflict resolution

• Feeling part of a team

Companies who are most successful at introducing coaching have been found to introduce coaching throughout their organisations. Very importantly, having senior management support and implement coaching greatly increases the success of coaching initiatives in the workplace.

50% of UK Companies now have coaching initiatives within their organisations.

"The secret of being happy is not doing what one likes, but liking what one does." - JM Barrie

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